Space of Grace


by:  Rev. Dr. Grace Marama Christna Ruth URI

Copyright © 1977
Registered under:
TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation – Family of URI, Inc.
Form A, Class A, Registration Number: 928860
PO Box 1147, Ashland, OR  97520

  • Art Expression:  Mary Sheila Allen
  • Art for “Universal Family”:  Michael Robert Allen
  • Mt. Shasta, CA
  • Calligraphy:  Rev. Dr. James Germain Davyd John URI

Space of Grace is a collection of Parables in Prose as received from Heavens to Earth through Grace Marama URI originating while working within “Grace House,” established in 1969 by Grace Christna Ruth as a personal Ministry. Legally anchored in California, Chartered, “Grace House Prayer Ministry Inc.” on July 14, 1975 transitioning from an individual ministry to a Collective Vehicle, California nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation. In 1976 the corporation was renamed TE-TA-MA Truth Foundation-Family Of URI, Inc.

To All Our “Sanctus Germanus”
“Holy Relations”
Our Universal Family

You know who you are
such joy, love and humility
is felt – and thank you
seems so inadequate
but then again
Blessings and Thank You
really does say it all.



God In YOU is the miracle…

God in EACH ONE you behold Is the miracle.

Be the Love that YOU ARE… Each Day Of Your Life.