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Divine Right Order®

The Decree Divine Right Order® is a Tool of Consciousness

An instrument of affirmation which assists in co-creating in the Image and Similitude of The One Parent Creator Source.

This vibrational harmonic, WHEN SPOKEN, resonates and sets into motion Cosmic and Divine Law, an automatic alignment to manifestation of Heaven on Earth, Highest Truth and Justice for the WHOLE of Creation; Unified Movement in at-one-ment to the Perfection of the Seed Atom of our Parent Creator; Asking for Divine Wisdom in being the instrument that only the Highest Truth manifest in Love; Divine Right Order® shall allow only Truth to manifest, Justice reign supreme, and Love to bring forth Harmony, Liberty, Freedom and Peace, United in Christ.


Dedicated Individuals Viably Interconnecting New Endeavors


Redemptive Infusion God’s Higher Truths

O R D E R®

Overself Restoration Degeneration Eternally Redeemed

Faith can be acting without the consciousness mind understanding or needing proof. Acts of faith come from the heart, from knowing and acting on belief. Understanding of faith as a Divine Principle, can be applied daily and can have direct affect upon our planetary evolution and beyond. The tool of Divine Right Order,® when coupled with faith, move mountains.

Cyclical programs, multi-levels of evolution unfolding before and within us need our nurturing and care. Our thoughts, words and deeds count. From the most obvious watering and weeding that must be done in every garden, to the more subtle discernment necessary to nurturing the gardens of consciousness, the weeding of thought forms, the seeding of love through action implanted in daily living, unconditional love and wisdom can be applied to every circumstance of life.

Technically, mankind is advancing like a rocket. Satellites, cell phones, global electronic networks, computers based on silicon chips. Transmissions of energy on many frequencies proliferate and permeate our living environment. Sound waves, microwaves, light waves, alpha waves, beta waves, the list is endless and countless. Some energy waves need a fixed media to travel, like a wire, the electrical systems that we depend upon for conveniences in our homes. Some transmissions of energy penetrate and pass through the very structures of what many call reality, the three dimensional atomic structure of molecules and atoms. Lasers and X-Rays go through some structures and impact others.

When we are listening on a cellular phone, how many broadcasts are we actually receiving? Can thought forms ride on a radio wave? When we are connected on the internet, the world wide web, are we receiving only what is on the screen of our monitor or do we perhaps unperceptively get everything that is connected? Is our complex brain and nerve system which we use so little of and know so little about, affected by the growing complexities of our own creations?

When using radio wave technology, it is easy for others to listen without us knowing. Is it just as true that we are unconsciously receiving broadcasts, being affected without knowing it ourselves? Can we really be isolated from the broadcast by turning a switch? How far and how many have and will be affected by the unseen, untasted, unheard, radiations of energy from our creations like Chernobyl?

We certainly do not have the answers to all these questions. It would be nice to know, but total understanding isn’t necessary to do something constructive.

First, we can clean up our own creations and broadcasts of thoughts, words and deeds. Then we can offer up our small effort for who we represent. We all have families. We all have birthdays, let it count for everyone who has that common thread. Let it count for everyone with the same zodiac sign. Let it count for everyone who has a computer, for everyone who uses a word processor, just like we are doing this very moment. Jesus is the example, ONE represents all, everyone gets the benefit of his conscious application of Divine Law. He did it for everyone he represented, and so can you. It is Divine law and principle, however, it must be consciously applied to work. Jesus knew what he was doing. He chose to drink the whole cup.

After cleaning up our own act, offering ourselves, our lives for those we represent, what can we do? How do we make our efforts count to the greatest possible good? How do we know from the perspective of our human beingness what needs fixing?

Ask to do the job and the circumstances will find you. When you are living daily in this cosmic consciousness of service, you are already united with others in the Christ Body. Your actions no longer have the weight of the one, but carry the impact of the many.

The knowledge of what needs fixing isn’t necessary. When any part of you has even the slightest doubt, the slightest discernment, that this particular circumstance is tainted with anything other than the Divine Blueprint, affirm Divine Right Order.® This verbal affirmation, when spoken, automatically activates change and calls upon those who do know if there is any tampering with your broadcast and receiving systems.

From Your Lips To God’s Ear

Divine Right Order® calls upon our Creator and his many legions of Justice Beings to act in our behalf, to clear out, clean up and make right anything associated to circumstances not in harmony with Divine Law, Divine Will. You may not see the change, it may benefit others. You may face seemingly similar circumstances again, because you can be counted upon to ask for help, to affirm Divine Right Order,® for unknown reasons. That is part of being of service. Some of those who do the most good receive the least direct benefit.

Divine Right Order® is your password to a Divine Network, legions of Angelic Host and Cosmic Beings just waiting for us to ask. And when we do, a great housecleaning and accounting takes place on multiple levels, things are placed straight. We only have to do our part in the Earth planes of consciousness. Those broadcasting, hi-tec or otherwise, interfering with humanities desire to live in peace are being held accountable. Your love, your being the representative, your asking and using the tool of Divine Right Order® helps get the job done.